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A simple curry.

I cook dinner almost every week night and at least one day of the weekend or both. The exceptions to the rules are if work commitments prevent me from making dinner or we have been invited to dinner at a friend’s or we decide to eat out or I am sick. And sometimes sheer laziness will cause me to serve PBJ sandwiches for dinner. But overall, we mostly eat a home cooked meal for dinner.
I am not at all a planner. My weekly meal planning involves my husband asking me what I will be needing for the week night dinners, as he heads out to the grocery store on Sunday and I always reply “Mmm..blllg..djdjd..”. Over the years he has learned to translate that to “whatever you find interesting at the store”. So I end up with whatever he has picked up on a given Sunday.
Strangely, it is a system that works great for us! Sometimes I am keenly aware of what my husband has picked up. During such a week as I drive home from work I think of ways to put together edible meals for my family. Other times I have no idea what is in my fridge. Such an evening involves me opening the fridge and pantry and coming up with some edible. To add to this my husband and sons are very vocal critics of my food and I always feel like I am on “Chopped”. It is actually a very fun process. I highly recommend it to everyone.
My sons categorize my dinners into “special” dinners which generally means non-Indian food or non staple(in our house) Indian food and “simple” meals, which are my fall back Indian meals. For the past few days I had been making “special” meals but today I decided to fall back on a “simple” meal of fish and potato curry served over rice. They thoroughly enjoyed it, probably even more than any other meal this week. This just goes to show is nothing like simple, comforting food to bring a smile to one’s face.
This just like in life. It is always the simple things in life that bring us the most joy and comfort. The smile on their faces of a having enjoyed a satisfying meal is my greatest reward.
Here’s to a simple curry and a blessed life!

Simple curry recipe (made with ingredients on hand, no measurements and a lot of love):
Olive Oil
dried red chillies
Indian Cinnamon
1 large tomato
fresh ginger (half-inch)
Tilapia filets cut into cubes
Cooked potato cubes (I had some leftover from Saturday)
Bay leaf
Salt to taste

In Olive oil, fry the first nine ingredients till the onion is translucent. Let cool for a bit. Grind into a fine paste adding water a necessary. Do not add too much water.
Add some olive oil into the pan along with the bay leaf. Once the bay leaf is slightly toasted add the ground paste prepared above.
Let cook for 5-10 minutes. Then add in the salt. Mix well.
Finally add in the fish and potatoes. Lower the heat and let cook till fish is thoroughly cooked.

Serve over white rice.


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