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Thirty Days.

ImageA friend of mine, Max, recently started posting his Origami animal creations on Facebook. One animal per day. I noticed that he had started doing this during November. I was intrigued. So after liking about six of his daily origami animal posts, I broke down and asked him “Is November a ‘create an origami animal a day’ month?”, via FB. Once I posted the comment, I wondered to myself if it was like the ‘picture a day’ challenge that people seem to do. My next thought was “maybe I could join the origami animal challenge in December!?

Of course that was the first thought that occurred to me! It is what I do. I see the various hobbies of my friends and I immediately want to do them all and almost all at the same time. My husband calls it my ‘phases’. And I cannot argue with him.

When Max responded to my comment he let me know that creating the Origami animals was a personal challenge he had taken up just to see if he would stick with it for thirty days. He then went one step further and shared the link to the Ted talk which had inspired him. In the video, Matt Cutts talks about how each one of us should go ahead and try for thirty days what we have always wanted to do. Maybe take a picture a day for thirty days. Maybe ride a bike to work for 30 days. Want to be an author? Maybe write a 50,000 word novel in thirty days.

It sounds simple enough but I am sure it will be a challenge to follow through for thirty days, especially for someone like me who will find thirty different things I would like to do in those thirty days. So I started thinking about what is that one challenge I was likely to follow through on. It is currently a toss-up between writing, meeting my 10K steps goals every day or taking a picture a day. Maybe learning to measure as I cook? Maybe go totally out of comfort zone and learn sewing?

Part of my problem with not sticking to things is that I do not pace myself. I burn myself out quickly by overdoing it. So whatever challenge I take on, my first step will need to be to pace myself. And pacing myself may mean waiting until January to pick the one challenge I want to take on.

I have recently started running/walking again with the goal of wanting to run a half marathon in a year or so. Seeing my piqued interest, my supportive husband bought me good (really good) running shoes three nights ago. In order to break in the shoes, I have taken two 5 miles walks (with some running included) along the Katy trail in the past two days. Lucky for me, the weather has been cooperative in an otherwise chilly Fall. There is a voice inside me which kept telling me that 5 miles seemed excess for someone just starting out (again). But that voice was largely overshadowed by the other me, who was enjoying the sunshine, the light breeze, the amazing view and just being in the moment.

Maybe my thirty-day challenge should be to gradually let the voice that warns me to pace myself grow stronger. Let it become strong enough to be the perfect balance to the voice that let’s me be in the moment. Maybe once the two voices are equal, is when I should take on a challenge?

I will keep you guys posted on what I decide. Have you done a 30 day challenge? What was the experience like for you? I will keep you guys posted on what I decide to take on as a challenge and I will keep you posted on my progress as well.

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