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Fact or Fiction?

ImageAs I have sat at home and battled the flu bug today, I have had some time to dwell on the book I want to be working on. It has been quite a feat considering how foggy my brain has been the past couple days. One idea I have tossed around in my head for a while now, is about making a realistic fiction book out of my workplace experiences.

Between my hacking and coughing, I started laying out the foundation for my book this afternoon. The most interesting place I have worked at, at least from a book perspective, has to be the first company I joined here in the Unites States back in 2000. It was actually my first workplace ever. As an inexperienced beginner, with stars in my eyes, I started there with great enthusiasm, as is expected of any fresh college graduate, I am sure.

I wonder sometimes, if maybe, we should start with a little less enthusiasm when we have just started and then increase the enthusiasm by 2% every year. Maybe that would make for more productive, happier workers and thus more productive workplaces? But, I digress.

Getting back to my first company, it really was a great experience in many ways. So many changes occurred in the company and thus to me in the almost three years I was there. I am sure there were times when I was working there, I questioned myself if perhaps I should have chosen the other company that had made me an offer at the same time this one had. Maybe I should have. Or maybe I ended up where I was meant to be.  I will never know.  But what I do know is that those three years set up the foundation for the fighter in me to rise and fight for my dreams. And by fighting, I mean that I learned to believe in myself more. It definitely prepared me for being a consultant at Company #2.

The book I am working on will obviously be a highly fictionalized version of what actually happened. I mean, how else am I going to sell my book? Page after page cannot simply be “and then they all worked hard and went back to their respective homes”.

As I was listing out the cast of characters of  the book earlier today based on the people I worked with at that company and I had to chuckle. A real cast of characters we were. I could actually set my book in the 1950s or 60s because who will believe me when I say that people used to smoke in the office and stop by your cube and take their smoke break as they chatted with you?

Looking back, the one regret I have is that I did not keep a journal. If I had made notes of everything that had happened on a day-to-day basis, I would have had my story. I would just have to change it up a bit, add an event or two make the story more interesting and then my book would be ready. Now I have to entirely rely on my memory and my imagination.

Speaking of journals, last December I found the Irish author Patrick Taylor and his Irish Country Doctor series. I fell in love with this series. I read the books and then listened to them on audio books. It is series of books which tell a simple story about a doctor practicing in rural Ireland. These books were based on Taylor’s own journals of when he was just starting off as a doctor in Ireland. His books and that of Maeve Binchy have made me fall in love Ireland. The Ireland they write stories about, anyway! I want to go there soon. I hope you are reading this, honey!

After discovering the source of Taylor’s books, I talked to my kids about the importance of keeping a journal. I hope they were paying attention. No experience is insignificant. Every little piece comes together to form the whole puzzle that we call our lives. And journals can be great way to reflect on our lives and maybe share the stories down the road.

All this talk of journals actually makes me think that maybe I should keep a journal and writing in it every day for 30 days as my self-improvement challenge. What better way to motivate my kids than to be the example they can follow!?

While I decide what my 30 day challenge is, I will continue working on my book furiously. It is funny to look back and see myself and others through my mind’s eye. And who knows if it all really happened that way, anyway? After all, it is just my version of things. My version of things based on walking down memory lane today while doped up on TheraFlu and NyQuil, at that. But it sure makes a great story though!

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