Back to the drawing board.

22 Sep

I took a temporary break from blogging a few months ago. The break was my time to finish up the Browny book and make good headway on the Skyla Boneigh books. Alas! It wasn’t to be. I have spent the time instead on reading books. LOTS of them.

It started out with me wanting to turn Browny’s story into a full book. I found that I was having a hard time adding detail to the story outline. What seemed like a good idea for a story detail in my head, turned out to not be so once I put it down on paper. Once or twice I found myself going, “Who wrote this nonsense?” before realizing, the who in question was me. I decided to read books, blogs and have lengthy conversations with my sons to learn about how to write a story. Communication Arts are emphasized in American education and my sons are able to teach me a lot on that front.

But it was the reading of the books which was my undoing. You see, I have always been a reader. I LOVE books. I can devour books. But between birthing kids, raising them, work and life I let reading take a back seat. Notice how I don’t mention husband as being one of the reasons for letting reading slip my list of to-dos. That is because he has never let his reading slip. He always makes time to read and write no matter what is going on. And he always encouraged me to read. He used to bring home books for me that he thought I might like to read when he went to the library. I never read those books. And he has the same amount, if not more, of things going on his life all this while as well. Oh well! Moving on.

It was last year that a teacher of my first son told me that he has a brilliant mind and a lot of potential but he may not reach his true potential if reading books is not something he enjoys. I tried the “I am your mom and I order you read” routine for a while but had very little success with it. So I decided to lead by example instead. I started going to the library a whole lot more, taking him along, borrowing books, reading them and discussing books he has read with him. That seemed to have done the trick! He is a voracious reader now. But alas! my addiction was back full force.

I was slowly ignoring writing. I initially masked my addiction with “reading will help me learn how other authors add detail”. But when my addiction was at its worse I would pull all nighters to read a book. I forgot about the art of writing and was more worried about who committed the murder. This past week, I was reading one of short stories written by my son and it finally hit home! While I was impressed with how he took a simple idea and made a story out of it, it also made me realize I truly missed writing.

Hopefully, I have now come a full circle and find a happy medium between reading and writing. Reading enriches the mind but writing helps one express their thoughts and ideas. I want to do both. I want to finish up writing my books. I will also share with you all through my writing some of the amazing authors I have read recently.

How have you all been? Read any good book lately? Do share.


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