Browny – Chapter 11 and beyond.

21 Jan

Last night I was discussing the ideas for the upcoming chapters with my sons and also asking them what they thought of the book so far. They enthusiastically shared their ideas for “our” book and each wants to write a chapter for the book now. Squeal!! I am so excited. The goal of writing this book was three fold, one was to get it out my system, second goal was to actually start writing instead of just wanting to write and thirdly to encourage creative writing and thinking in my sons. So far, all three goals have been accomplished. I think we are also going to try to get this book published. I may even try some illustartions for the book myself. And before I forget, my husband is our most ardent fan. He is thrilled to watch his sons actively take part in this process.
We have also collectively decided that we are going to disclose further chapters in the book. Where will Browny end up? Will Hannah get over her allergies? Will Browny end up with the Eckerts or the Smiths or the Boschs or a new family? And what about Mrs Boschs fear? Will she get over it? We don’t know the answers yet either. Writing is a process where one sentenece leads to another as your imagination takes off. So far that has been the guiding force for a bare bones idea I have had for a while now. While we had a set idea while beginning the book, now we are just going with the flow. We are just as eager to find out where Browny end up.
We hope you are enjoying the book as much as we are. We promise that once the book is out there will be lot more details in each chapter. The book is partly based on our lives and there are so many wonderful details we would like to share.
With Browny working on finding his new home, we are contemplating ideas for other books we would like to write. If not anything else, we would have at least flexed our writing and thinking muscles and spent time as a family on an activity that we are all thoroughly enjoying. We plan to display our letters of rejection with pride.
My older son loves photography and he hopes I plan to write a cookbook for which he is the official photography. Wait!! Isn’t that what this site was about to begin with!? I am glad he has made me realise my initial purpose for creating this site. He has however asked me to work on my food presentation skills. He tells me I can work wonders with any ingredient but I lack in the presentation department. My husband quickly agreed with my son while I half heartedly agreed. Hmpf! But I know they are right. So now you know what I am actively working on improving.
Thanks for coming along on this crazy ride with us! I am so glad we get to share it with you.

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