Browny – Chapter 10

20 Jan

The next morning the Boschs were woken up to the sounds of a familiar bark. Adam and Alan rushed outside. Their parents followed. There in the backyard of the Smiths was a familiar sight. It was Browny!! Mrs Smith was playing fetch with Browny while Mr Smith stood watching with Hannah in his arms. “BROWNY!!!!” the boys yelled simultaneously and ran towards him. But before they could even get half the way Browny had charged at them with just as much enthusiasm, if not more. Browny started licking the boys and running around them. Soon he had exhausted himself and was panting. The boys decided to feed him some water so they took him towards the water tap.
The adults in the meantime began discussing why Browny was back. It turns out that during the picnic the Eckerts had asked the Smiths to come pick up Browny. Mr Smith had been shocked initially but then once the picnic was over, they had gone and picked up Browny. They had made Browny sit in the front seat away from Hannah. They told the Boschs that Browny had been as excited last as he is right now upon seeing the boys. They told the Boschs that Browny had been happy and barking all night. They said none of them could sleep due to the noise Browny made. But they looked happy to have Browny back and didn’t mind that they had lost sleep.
Before Mr Smith could begin telling the story of why Browny was sent back the boys came over to their mom and told her they were hungry and wanted breakfast. Mrs Bosch invited the Smiths to join them for breakfast. All of them (Browny included) headed over the Bosch house.
Once inside, Mrs Smith And Mrs Bosch began making breakfast. Mr Bosch was helping them while Mr Smith watched Hannah. They boys were playing with Browny as they waited for breakfast. Mrs Smith then shared with the Boschs why Browny was sent home.
It turns out that through out his week long stay Browny had been sad. The Eckerts had hoped that he would soon feel better. After all, he did get along with the humans and animals in the Eckert household and seemed like a very gentle animal. Then on Friday evening the Eckerts had a party to attend. So they left the animals and headed off to the party. They had left the animals in the living room like they normally do. When they returned, they found that the living room cushions had been ripped apart and there was cotton everywhere. There were tears in their leather couch. They felt that it could not be Tyson or Fluffy as they had been left alone before and had never behaved that way so far. So it must have been Browny! The Smiths had tried to argue that it could not possibly be Browny but the Eckerts said they had discussed the situation as a family and had felt that Browny did not fit in with them and that he needs to go back to the Smith house. The Smiths said that they had apologized for Browny’s behavior and tried to explain that Browny had never behaved that way. They even offered to help cover the damage the Eckerts had suffered. But the Eckerts had told the Eckerts that while they appreciated the gesture they really wanted the Smiths to take Browny back.
The Smiths and Boschs wondered out loud that if Browny really was the one who had caused the damage to the Eckert living room, if he had done it hoping to be sent back to his home, where his heart belonged.
The Smiths still had the issue of Hannah’s allergies and so they had to find Browny another new home. To everyone’s surprise Mrs Bosch spoke first. She offered to keep Browny at their house until the Smiths could find a permanent home for Browny. She did not have to consult with her family as she knew fully well that the rest of her family would only be thrilled! She told Mr Bosch and the Smiths to not tell the boys. She said they could surprise the boys by moving all of Browny’s things in and then just have Browny stay back since he was already here! She knew the boys would be surprised and thrilled. She however did make it clear that this would only till Browny had a new home.
Mr Bosch hugged and kissed Mrs Bosch. He told her he loved her and thanked her for her kindness and generosity. The Smiths were thrilled and relieved. They thanked Mrs Bosch as well.
Breakfast was ready and everyone sat down for breakfast. Browny laid down by the breakfast table between the boys. The boys were secretly feeding Browny. Mrs Bosch knew what they were doing. She kept quiet. After all, she would soon be laying down the rules as to what the boys could and could not feed Browny. At the moment though she let them secretly feed him while she waited to see their reaction upon hearing her secret.
All was well with world again! At least Browny thought so!

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