Browny – Chapter 9

19 Jan

The Smiths and the Boschs missed Browny terribly. It had been three days since Browny had gone to live with the Eckerts. Mr Smith had checked in with the Eckerts to see how Browny was doing. And so far, Browny had adjusted well to his new surroundings. They said he did seem a bit sad but that was to be expected. They also said they knew he would be his happy self again in no time and that the Smiths should not worry.
The following Saturday the Boschs, the Smiths and few other friends decided to go on a picnic. The weather was great and every one was eager to soak in some sun.
Mrs Bosch decided to make some sandwiches for the picnic. The boys, as always, had to help their mom. So they decided that they would help assemble the sandwiches. As they were assembling the sandwiches, they began talking about Browny. They talked about his sweetness, his kindness, his playfulness and his gentleness. They about thought back about all the good times they had spent with him. As their mom listened to their conversation she could not help but feel sad for the boys. If only she was not scared of dogs, she would have gladly let Browny stay with ten. She apologized to the boys about not letting Browny live with them. The boys told her to not feel bad. They told her they understood how she felt and they each gave her a hug. Mrs Bosch was so proud of how wonderful the boys were turning out to be.
Once the car was loaded with the picnic supplies and the food, the Boschs set out for park where the picnic was going to be held. The Smiths followed.
Upon reaching the park, the adults started setting up the picnic table while the kids started playing. And once the tables were set, the adults joined the kids. Everyone was having a lot of fun. It was the first time in the past few days that the Boschs and the Smiths were having fun instead of being sad over Browny.
After a while everyone was hungry and were just settling down to eat lunch, when Mr Smith’s phone rang. It was Mr Eckert. Mr Smith was surprised. He thought Mr Eckert was probably calling to give an update on Browny. Mr Smith could not wait to hear what Browny had been up to. He eagerly answered the phone. But what he heard on the phone was anything but good. While Browny was doing good what he had done was anything but good. Mr Smith was surprised, confused and angry upon hearing what Mr Eckert was saying.
The dog that Mr Eckert referred to as Browny and described could not be the Browny he knew or his wife knew or the one the Boschs knew. Mr Eckert just said “okay!” and hung up.
He returned back to his seat at the picnic table but he did not look happy. Mrs Smith asked him if everything was ok. He said everything was ok but he still looked unhappy about something.
Everyone ate and played some more. Mr Smith joined in as well. Finally, it was time to go home. Everyone cleaned the picnic area and packed up and left.
The Boschs decided that once they reached home they would go the Smiths house and find out what was going on. The Smiths however, it appeared, were not interested in talking and did not answer the door when the Boschs rang their doorbell upon arriving from the picnic. The Boschs were now worried as to what was going on.

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