Browny – Chapter 8

17 Jan

The Eckerts, who were friends of the Smiths, heard about the search for a new home for Browny and immediately emailed the Smiths saying they were interested in adopting Browny. The Smiths were thrilled. They had known the Eckerts for a long time and knew that Browny would be happy with them. The Eckerts had other pets, a cat and a dog, and the Smiths did not know how Browny would adjust to living with other pets. But he was a very friendly dog and had no trouble getting along with anyone so far. So they were not too worried.
The Smiths had kept the Boschs updated on their search for a new home for Browny. Knowing that they would not be able to adopt Browny, the Boschs, though sad, were happy that Browny would find a new home where he would be happy.
The Smiths and the Boschs threw a huge send off party for Browny. Mrs Smith and Mrs Bosch baked all his favorite doggie treats for Browny. The two families together got him a new collar, a new water bowl and some new toys and said their sad tearful goodbyes to Browny. Adam and Alan had used their pocket-money to buy Browny a big bag of chewable bones as they knew how much Browny loved to chew on them. They were especially sad to see their friend go.
And bright and early the next morning, Browny setoff with Mr Smith to his new home. Browny was sad and whimpering on the whole journey. He did not want to leave the home and family he loved so dearly. But the Smiths and Boschs knew that Browny would adjust to his new surroundings in no time and be happy again.
Upon reaching the Eckert residence, Mr Smith parked in their driveway. He sat in the car for 15 minutes holding Browny. Browny and Mr Smith did not want to let go of each other.
Finally the Eckerts came up to the car and asked Mr Smith if everything was all right. Mr Smith reluctantly got Browny off his lap. He opened the car door and asked Browny to step out. He then followed. They went into the Eckert residence and met with the other pets.
The Eckerts had a German shepherd named Tyson. Tyson and Browny eyed each wearily for a few minutes and then started playing with each other. The Eckerts’ cat, Fluffy, joined in the fun. The three animals seemed to get along really well. Mr Smith and the Eckerts watched happily as the animals played. Browny had found a new home.
Mr Smith handed over all of Browny’s items including all his gifts from the party last night to the Eckerts. He took one last look at Browny and left the house.
He was very sad on his drive back home. He could not help but think of all the good times they had spent with Browny. But he was glad Browny had found a new family to care for him.

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