Persimmon Butter.

16 Jan

Persimmon butter on a slice of bread aka Slice of Heaven!

My husband brought home a dozen persimmons the other day. He had heard me mention that I loved the taste of persimmons. Thus when he saw them at the supermarket he picked up a box of them for me. So very thoughtful of him! When I had tasted them for the first time a few months ago, they were something new to me. They were part of my project to broaden my culinary horizons. I could not stop raving about them to anyone who would listen. Apparently my husband listened!
But by now I was tired of persimmons. Their flavor was no longer “new” and I could care less if I never ate another one. I guess I never updated my husband on part 2 of my persimmon saga.
When he brought them home and handed them to me saying “I know how much you love them”, I didnt want to be rude by saying “Persimmons!? Blech!”. So I thanked him for his thoughtfulness knowing there was no way I was going to be able to eat 12 persimmons.
I kept them on a counter for a few days hoping that the inspiration to cook with them or the desire to eat them would strike. No luck! Then I moved them to the pantry hoping that the desire to eat them would strike when I opened the door to the pantry. Nope. No can do! Then a part of me hoped that maybe they would go bad and I could feign sorrow and never have to eat a persimmon. Now, now, people! This was just a thought for a few seconds in the very back of my mind. I hate wasting food. Yes, even more than having to eat a persimmon!
The persimmons were here to stay! They were not going bad. They were sitting there just staring at me and waiting to be eaten. On occasion I even felt that they were taunting me by staying so fresh and not going bad. I was going to have to do something about them.
I looked at yummy baking recipes and even took suggestions from friends. Unfortunately baking wasnt something I was looking forward to after Christmas. I needed a break from cookies, cupcakes and brownies. FINALLY inspiration struck me on a bright and cold Sunday!
Butter!! Persimmon butter! Candis, my amiga, always makes apple butter and I have always wanted to try making butter. So persimmon butter it was!
I googled “persimmon butter” and a bunch of recipes showed up. After reading multpile recipes and missing one ingredient or another of every recipe. I decided to just go with what I had at home. I mentally thanked the Googleites who had taken time to write down their recipes. Based on the inspiration they provided, I set about making some butter.
I peeled and chopped the persimmons and tossed them in honey, sugar, garam masala powder, lemon juice and a very small amount of rosemary and some Orange rind. I let the persimmons marinate for 3-4 days and then slow cooked them on my slow cooker on low for 8 hours and then on high for an hour. Then I ground the persimmon into a fine paste (butter) and let it cook on high again for an hour. Voila! Butter is done. Can the butter using standard canning methods. Remember that the popping sound is your friend while canning.
I wish I had a detailed recipe or pictures for you guys. Unfortunately, I dont. I wasnt plan to blog about this because I wasnt sure how the butter would turn out. Luckily for me, it turned out super DELISH!! I decided that I had to share it with you guys.
From my experience I can tell you that making butter is simple, easy to make and will taste heavenly on bread, biscuit and rolls. Do try it! Once canned, they wil make awesome gifts as well.


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