Browny – Chapter 7

16 Jan

Upon return from the hospital, Mr Smith immediately came over to the Bosch’s house to collect Browny. The Smiths had missed Browny and were anxious for him to meet the new baby who they had name Hannah. They wanted to make sure that Browny would not hurt little Hannah. Mr Bosch and the boys helped pack up Browny’s things and carry it over to the Smith’s house.
Then Mrs Smith brought the baby wrapped up like a bundle close to Browny. Browny walked up to the bundle cautiously and stared at it while the Bosch men and the Smiths watched him. Hannah let out a little cry. Browny immediately jumped backwards. Mr Smith laughed and patted Browny on the head. He then held Hannah in his arms and told Browny, “Browny, this our baby, Hannah! You have to protect her from now on”. Browny immediately nuzzled gently close to Hannah and then laid down. He knew he needed to protect her. The Smiths and Boschs were thrilled. They knew Browny would never hurt Hannah.
In the days that followed Browny was never far from Hannah unless he was outside playing with his family or his neighbor’s family. He would lay by her crib and his ears would perk up whenever Hannah made the slightest sound while sleeping. He was always ready to go to battle for her.
Hannah was about four months old when she developed a cold and cough that would not go away. She cried a lot. Different kinds of medication were not helping and she continued to remain sick. Browny was always on the alert trying to find out what could be causing her to cry. He would walk around her crib keeping a watchful eye for any attackers. The Smiths took her to various doctors and finally a doctor told them that baby Hannah was allergic to dogs. This made the Smiths very sad.
They moved Browny to the garage. They even bought him a new bed to make him extra comfortable. They could not let him into the house again, at least until Hannah had overcome her allergies. The doctors had told them that this was quite possible and that Hannah may outgrow her allergies. But for now they needed to separate Hannah from Browny. The Smiths cleaned and vacuumed the house thoroughly. Slowly but surely Hannah got better.
But Browny became sad and quiet. He missed being inside the house and he missed Hannah. He missed laying by their feet and dozing as they watched TV. He missed being in the kitchen and sitting by the dining table as the family ate dinner and hoping for some yummy scraps. He missed his old life. He was in no mood to play with Adam and Alan either.
The Smiths knew they needed to do something. As much as it hurt them and made them sad, they knew they needed to find a new home for Browny. They were not sure if Hannah would ever get over her allergies and it was not fair to Browny who was sad and did not like being locked up in the garage.
They emailed close friends and family hoping to find a new home for Browny. They did not want to turn him into a shelter but if no one came forward to take care of Browny then they would have to send him to live at a shelter. They didn’t even want to think of him at a shelter. SO they worked hard trying to finding a new family. They wanted to make sure that the next family that Browny ended up with would have to love Browny as much as they did. Browny deserved it!

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