Browny – Chapter 6

15 Jan

The four days that Browny stayed with the Boschs while the Smiths were at the hospital were the very best for the boys. They could not wait to wake up in the morning and take Browny on his early morning walk. They finished homework quickly and correctly in the evenings so that they could spend maximum time with Browny. They fed him, bathed him, groomed him and played with him. Browny was never far from them when they were home.
Mr and Mrs Bosch were amused to see how well-behaved the boys were with Browny staying with them. All chores, tasks and homework was completed without either of them having to ask the boys. They were also happy to see what a well-behaved dog Browny was. While Mrs Bosch didn’t spend a lot of time with the dog and almost avoided it completely even she could not ignore that having Browny around wasn’t as bad as she had thought it would be.
On the second night of Browny’s stay, the boys and Mr Bosch had to go to the boys piano lessons for an hour. They left Browny behind with Mrs Bosch who was making dinner. Mrs Bosch wasn’t thrilled with this arrangement but she knew that the piano place did not allow dogs so she left Browny in the living room and went over to the kitchen to make dinner.
She was immersed in cooking her family’s favorite recipe of lasagna while listening to her favorite band when she heard a noise behind her. She turned around out to look and there was Browny at the entrance to the kitchen looking at her with a sad look on his face. Mrs Bosch realised that he probably missed the Smiths and the boys. She hollered for him to come over. When he did, she petted his head and told him, “it’s okay Browny! They will be back soon enough”. That seemed to have done the trick! Browny was happy again and laid by her feet as she cooked dinner.
When Browny heard the garage open he knew the boys were back. He ran to the door to greet the boys. Mrs Bosch in the meantime laid out the dinner table with help from Mr Bosch and the family sat down for dinner. Browny was given his own bowl of dog food as well.
After dinner, while Mrs Bosch was loading the dishes, he again came into the kitchen. This time he just stood there looking at Mrs Bosch with a strange look on his face. Almost like he was saying “Thanks for caring for me earlier!” and then he was gone, back to the boys! He laid at their feet watching TV till it was time for the boys to go to bed.

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