Browny – Chapter 5

14 Jan

The days that followed Browny’s arrival were some of the best days for Adam and Alan. Their desire to own dog had now come as close to being fulfilled as it possibly could. They played with and dog sat Browny every chance they got. Even though their mom would not let Browny into the house she never stopped the boys from being with Browny.
The Smiths often told Mr and Mrs Bosch about how wonderful the boys were to the dog. They said that they considered themselves lucky to have the boys caring for their dog. That was especially helpful for Mrs Smith because both the baby in her stomach and the dog were rapidly growing and she could use all the help she could get especially when Mr Smith travelled for work. Browny was a voracious eater and highly active and had almost doubled in size.
Mr and Mrs Bosch were so proud of their boys. Mr Bosch loved Browny too. He enjoyed playing with Browny himself. He too wished they could get a dog. But he knew they could never get a dog at their house. Mrs Bosch had been bitten by a dog when she was little. She had never gotten over the fear of that incident. She had tried many times to get over her fear but had been unsuccessful so far. She was unable to get close to Browny due to this fear. Mr Bosch hoped that Mrs Bosch may work through her fear someday and then maybe they could get a dog.
Mrs Bosche watched her husband and her kids with Browny and saw how much they loved him. She was very happy to see them happy. But she was also sad that she was still afraid of dogs and because of that her family could not get a dog.
One night as the entire Bosch family was relaxing watching their favorite TV show when there was a knock on their door. Mr Bosch answered the door. It was Mr Smith and he looked anxious. Mr Smith informed Mr Bosch that Mrs Smith was going to give birth to the baby and hence they needed to rush to the hospital. Mr Smith wondered if the Bosch could kindly take care of Browny while they were at that hospital. Mr Bosch readily agreed. Mr Smith handed the keys of his house to Mr Bosch and left for the hospital.
The Bosch family had a meeting to discuss how to best care for Browny and decided that with all of their busy schedules it would be best to have Browny staying with them. Mrs Bosch was initially reluctant but knew that it would be tough for Browny to be alone by himself for any length of time as he wasnt used to it. So she agreed to let him stay their house. And since it would only be for a short period of time she did not mind. She also made it clear that she would not be involved in the care of the dog and that Mr Bosch and the boys had to care for him. All three Bosch men readily agreed.
That night laying in their beds the boys could not believe their luck! They finally had a dog in their house even if it was for a short time. Maybe now their mom would stop being scared of dogs and let them get one.

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