Browny – Chapter 4

12 Jan

Adam and Alan came back home after having played with Browny for a little bit. They were so excited that the Smiths had gladly accepted their offer of help. They planned to be the best dog sitters ever.
First they needed to read up on Labrador retrievers. They asked their mom to take them to the library right away. She reminded them that they needed to finish breakfast and then shower and get dressed before she would take them to the library.
Once they were ready the three of them set out for the library. Adam and Alan immediately headed over to the kids section. There they each grabbed a book on Labrador retriever and began reading eagerly. After about an hour their mom reminded that she had to get back home to make lunch and that they could borrow the books to finish reading at home. The boys agreed.
Upon reaching home, they quickly checked the Smiths backyard to see if Browny was playing outside. They were eager to ring the doorbell and see if Browny was inside but their parents had told them to not disturb the Smiths unnecessarily. So they went back inside to finish reading the book.
As they were just settling in to read the book, they heard the now familiar bark of Browny. They rushed back outside and in-between playing with Browny started telling Mrs Smith all that they had read about Labrador retrievers or Labs as the breed is commonly known as and how they plan to use that knowledge to be the best dog sitters ever.
They told her that they had learned that Labrador retrievers were strong, dependable and have a great personality. Adam and Alan also told her that the books they had read had informed them that Labs were great swimmers. Labs also like to fetch and were all around great athletes, workers and companions. Adam and Alan informed her that Labrador Retrievers would be gentle with babies as well even though they could grow up to be 70-90 pounds. Mrs Smith was impressed with the research that Adam and Alan had done. She thanked them for taking their job as dog sitters so seriously!
Adam and Alan were pleased and they once again assured here that they would be available to dog sit whenever she needed them especially now that a baby was on the way. Mrs Smith gave a laugh! She then thanked them for their kindness and said they could start by walking with her and Browny if they so desired. They readily agreed and dog walked with Mrs Smith.
Upon coming back to the Smiths yard they played with Browny some more. They fed him a few dog snacks and gave him a bowl of water.
They headed back into their own home, reluctantly, upon hearing their mom calling them inside for lunch. They had enjoyed their first day with Browny. They were sad that they couldn’t spend more time with Browny as they were heading off to the movies with their mom later that afternoon.

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