Browny – Chapter 3

11 Jan

Adam and Alan had always wanted a dog. They dreamt of having a dog of their own to play with and to grow with. But their pleas had fallen on deaf ears. Mrs Bosch would not hear of it. There would be no dog allowed in the house she had said and she had stuck to the rule. Adam and Alan had to make do with their dogs of their friends and neighbors.
It was one on a bright and sunny morning that things would change. Alan and Adam were still in bed at 8:30 AM when they were woken up a puppy barking. Could it be!? They thought excitedly. Had their parents gotten them a dog?
They ran downstairs expecting to find a puppy. But there was none. They instead found their mom busy making breakfast. They asked her if she had a heard a puppy bark, hoping she would say that the family had a new dog. Instead she said that she had been busy all morning and hadn’t heard a puppy bark. But Adam and Alan knew they had heard barking. So they decided to look outside. Maybe a lost puppy was in their backyard. Could it be!? They ran to the backyard. But it was what they saw in the Smiths backyard that made their hearts happy.
They saw Mr and Mrs Smith playing a little brown puppy. The Smiths had gotten a new dog who they had named Browny.
It was love at first sight for Adam and Alan. They loved the puppy right away and it loved them back. Mr Smith informed them that the puppy was a Labrador retriever and it was a 1 month old boy puppy.
This was the best day ever for Adam and Alan. They had awesome neighbors with an even better dog. Maybe they would never get a dog of their own but the Smiths getting one was the next best thing. They right away told the Smiths that they would help take care of the dog in every way they could. it was on this day that the Boschs also found out that the Smiths were also going to have a baby.

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