Browny – Chapter 2

10 Jan

Before I share Chapter 2 with you, I would like to say that what you will read below is a ROUGH draft. Even as I wrote it, I felt like I was rushing through the chapter. Hurrying to the end. My doubts were confirmed right after my husband and sons read the chapter. “Where are the details?” they asked me.
I am a voracious reader. I like reading simple books like “A year in Provence”. Simple, beautiful and fun writing. I love the detail – the way the characters and the surroundings are described. I want to emulate the style of writing that resonates with the reader.
Yet, when I begin writing, I feel like I have to avoid details at all costs. What if it is too much detail? What if it is irrelevant detail? My profession doesn’t help with my writing either. As a software developer, short, concise, logical writing is the order of the day. When I email my family, I write to them in short bullet points. No flowery details in my emails.
To rectify the situation, I decided to write this post. Put my struggle into words. The first step to solving a problem is acknowledging the problem right!?
I have purchased a book on how to write blogs and books. And I am learning from my two sons on how to go about writing stories. Here’s to a new year and new beginnings!

Chapter 2:
Life went on as normal for the Boschs. They did not want to think of the rude behavior of the Smiths. They did not have much time to dwell on it anyway! They had the annual subdivision party to prepare for. The Boschs were responsible for music this year.
The annual subdivision party was something that the Boschs always looked forward to. There was always plenty of delicious food, music, friends, games and even pets at the party. Adam and Alan loved dogs and they always made sure to play with all the dogs at the party. The Johnsons, who had moved a few weeks ago, had owned a pug named Tobey. Adam and Alan loved Tobey and really missed him. But luckily, they had to plan the music for the party and little time to stop and think of Tobey.
Adam, Alan and their dad went about picking their favorite singers. Dad wanted the oldies and the kids wanted all the latest songs that they heard everywhere. So they finally settled on a mix of old and new.
Mrs Bosch in the meantime was planning to bake brownies for the party. She had to bake a really large batch for the party. Mrs Bosch was known as a master baker in her neighborhood and she didn’t want to let down the people at the party. So Adam, Alan and Mr Bosch had to help with the brownies as well. They had to do the dishes, or sift the flour or beat the eggs or whatever else she needed them do. Adam and Alan were exhausted. It seemed like their teachers were piling them up with homework at the same time. They knew there was no use complaining to their parents, so they just worked hard and tried to do it all. Besides, the party was so worth all the effort!
Finally the big day of the party arrived. The Boschs hoped everyone would like the music and the brownies. The Boschs arrived early and help with the setup of the party.
Mr Bosch, Adam and Alan performed DJ duties while Mrs Bosch mingled with the crowd making sure everyone was enjoying the music her family was playing. Adam and Alan loved the experience. They were sure that they wanted to be DJs once they grew up.
Between DJ duties, Adam and Alan made sure to play with their friends and the dogs at the party. They also ate plenty of food.
Towards the end of the evening, as the party was winding down and the Boschs were putting away the equipment and helping to clean up after the party, they were surprised to see the Smiths walking towards them. They hadn’t realized that the Smiths were at the party.
The Boschs were in no mood for another rude encounter. But much to their surprise the Smiths were very nice and told the Boschs how much they enjoyed the music. This made the Boschs very happy. The Smiths even help with the clean up.
Before heading home the Boschs invited the Smiths to their house for dinner the following night. The Smiths gladly accepted.
It was during the dinner that the Boschs learned that the Smiths had some bad experiences with their neighbors in their old neighborhood and hence were very cautious when they were moving in. They apologized for sounding rude.
The Boschs told the Smiths not to worry and that all was forgotten. The Boschs and Smiths were now very good friends just like neighbors should be.

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