Browny…Chapter 1 rough draft.

02 Jan

I have wanted to be an author for a while now. I have had this idea about a book I want to write, a book for 6-8 year old kids. But I have never known how and where to begin. This was until recently. We started some supplemental homeschooling recently and as a project for English I suggested to my two my boys that I would like to collaborate with them on a book. They were beyond excited. We discussed my base idea for the book and then they added their ideas. We hope that the out of the combination of our ideas a book will be born that will be enjoyable to all. Below is what we think will be Chapter 1. The jury is out on if the chapter is long enough or not. The first chapter was all mine. But I will blog a new post if the chapter changes. But here goes the first draft. Hope you like it!

Life was good for the Bosch family in the Saint Louis suburb of South Hampton. They were a family of four. Mr Joe Bosch, Mrs Sue Bosch and their two sons Adam, 11 and Alan, 8. They lived in a two storey brick house.
Sports, picnics, family, friends, neighbors, school, work and vacations were some of the activities that kept the Boschs busy.
They belonged to a close-knit community and so when their long time neighbors, the Johnsons, decided to move to another state it was a sad day for all in the neighborhood.
Lots of parties were held to say goodbye to the Johnsons. And once they left, the Boschs were anxious to see who would move in next door.
Little did they know that their new neighbors would change their lives in more ways than they could have imagined.
The Boschs can recall the day the new neighbors moved in like it was yesterday.
Alan and Adam were playing their usual game of football on that fateful day when a moving van showed up at the doorstep of the newly vacated Johnson residence.
A young couple got out of the van and started moving things into the house. Alan and Adam stopped playing football and went into their home to inform their mom and dad about the arrival of the new neighbors.
Mr and Mrs Bosch looked outside their window and saw that their new neighbors did not have movers. So they decided that Mr Bosch, Adam and Alan would help the neighbors move while Mrs Bosch would make some quick refreshments to serve to the new neighbors. So the Bosch men went over to introduce themselves and offer their help. To their surprise, the young couple was not only not thankful but also rude. They told the Boschs that they didn’t need any help or refreshments and they could manage on their own.
Boy, were the Boschs surprised!!! Hurt and angry they went back into their house. They decided to enjoy for themselves the refreshments that Mrs Bosch had laid out for the new neighbors. Alan and Adam then decided to resume their football game. Mr and Mrs Bosch were now worried about the people who had moved in next door. What did it mean for them and their community!?

To be continued……

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