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02 Jan

Recently Ajay was given the challenge to write a story about a being celebrated in mythology. He did such a good job with it that I wanted to share with you guys, my readers. I hope you like it as much as I did.
Below are some guidelines he was given:
1. Craft a plot that occurs in the present but you will bring characteristics from the past into the present day.
2. You will describe the origin of the being, the origin of the being, the powers, descriptions of personality, appearance and attire.
3. You will make a choice of a conflict or problem that ness attention and this being will use powers and skills to solve the situation.

Na,Na, Naa, Na, Na. What a wonderful sound. Who is that? Oh, that is my new old-fashioned friend Krishna. He is no ordinary boy. He says he is a God. He really is!! Krishna has a blue tone to his skin and a shiny feather in his hair. He is a great flute player and he has magical powers and strength. Guess what!? He is with us in these modern times. Krishna has helped solve crimes with the police. But there is one crime that nearly killed him.
One day a farmer had raced to the police station needing help. He said his name was Farmer Bill. He said that someone had killed his cows. Hearing this Krishna jumped up and listened to the rest of the case. Krishna had always liked cows. He always played with one. He played his flute sitting on a cow’s back and rode a cow instead of a horse.
The farmer said that a bullet from five yards away killed the cows. Krishna fainted. A few minutes later after gaining consciousness, Krishna and the policemen were off to check the crime scene. There, at the farm, layer two red stained black and white cows. Krishna implored his crew members if he could leave that instance. He was so saddened seeing the cows helplessly laying there dead.
Krishna stopped weeping and got back to the case. Examining the skeleton of the cows with his super X-ray eyes, he saw that the bullet went through one cow into the other.the bullet had gone through one lung of the first cow but missed the other lung. Then the bullet went through the other cow’s heart. Krishna with his super strength cut the second cow open and took the bullet out. The bullet was sharp and large. It could go through three men at a time.
Krishna and his men left the crime scene to go get fingerprints off of the bullet. At the station, Krishna used his super X-ray eyes to get the finger prints. The prints were of a notorious, wanted poacher named Bad Nam Schiketty. He has recently killed deer, bear and other animals out of season. On seeing and hearing about Bad Nam Krishna steamed up.
Krishna and his crew have been trying to catch him for years with no luck. Krishna and his crew went back to the crime scene determined to catch Bad Nam.
Farmer Bill was still standing there in the spot that Krishna and his crew had left him. The crew and Krishna rushed over to the farmer and started to speak to him about Bad Nam Schiketty. But there was something strange about the bushes in the farmer’s yard. Krishna did not care. Nothing could be there but a rabbit or some harmless creature he thought.
There in the bushes was actually Bad Nam. He was crouching there behind the bushes aiming his rifle at Krishna. BANG!!
The bullet was shot from the same gun used to kill the cows. With his extreme reflexes, Krishna jumped backwards and saw the bullet charging at him. He quickly put a force field around his crew and himself. The bullet bounced off the force field like a bouncy ball into the sky and down to the ground. Bad!!!
Bad Nam Schiketty made a run for it. On seeing him run, Krishna used his Star Wars Force like powers and grabbed Bad Nam. Krishna pulled Bad Nam backwards and handcuffed him.
The farmer was so grateful that the culprit had been and his cows were safe. He hugged Krishna and the entire crew and thanked them profusely.
That was a terrible crime scene and Krishna could have been easily killed. But thanks to his magical powers, super strength and X-ray vision Krishna was able to save the day. Krishna is the ideal crime stopper. Krishna has been a great help to the crew in many such cases. Krishna the crime stopper reporting for duty!!!

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