Zero to 360.

09 Mar

In the recent months I haven’t worked all. Not that I mind it one bit. A while back, I decided to develop a sustainable plan for me, as far as diet and exercise are concerned. Eat less and move more.
I was quietly following this, when Dee suggested joining her for a boot camp for charity. That sounded like fun and I signed up for it.
I was feeling great about signing up for it. But on the morning of the boot camp, I started panicking. What was I thinking?? Not even since having signed up had I worked out.
Here I am on the morning of the boot camp, wanting to run and hide behind my mommy.

As you can see the picture is a bit blurry. Wonder if the person taking the picture was as nervous for me as I was. Mommy!!

The boot camp was, as the name suggests, boot camp like! Lots of running, jumping, push-ups, crying, wanting to crawl and hide etc etc. Ok..the last two were just me.
Here’s how the boot camp went…
I did this…

And this…

And some of this….

And some of that…

And a lot of this…

And a lot of that…

And ended the two hours with some of this…

Overall, I was very happy with how I did. For someone who hadn’t worked out in the past few months, I was able to last the entire two hours. I was significantly weaker than the others in push-ups and sliding. Upper body strength training is what I desperately need. I worked out with a very supportive group and the instructor was awesome. I am so glad Dee asked me to go.
Here’s the entire group.

A word to the wise. Be sure to drink plenty of water and keep moving after the workout. This was the advice from the instructor and I followed it to the T. It worked great for me. While I was slightly sore on Sunday, which the day after the boot camp, I was not in any significant pain. By Monday, the soreness was a distant memory.
I would also like to add that it is probably not advisable to do what I did. That is, to not workout for months and then suddenly show up at a boot camp. But if you get a chance to go to a boot camp, go for it!! Work hard but most importantly, have fun!!

Good night,

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