Bits and pieces

04 Mar

Little plastic pieces are taking over my house. My sons call them Lego people and they are greatly enamored by them. Wherever I look, I find a Lego person aka piece of plastic looking back at me.
How would you like these guys for company when you are making dinner?

Want to have breakfast with these guys?

Consider yourself warned though. The Lego people don’t travel light. Don’t believe me? Look see for yourself. As you can see, not only do they not travel light they are also quite messy.

Here’s some more of their stuff….

Just be sure have extra Ziploc bags lying around. You will need them.

Watch your step at all times. You never know when a Lego person will be lounging around on the carpet.

If you think for a second that they will leave your washer/dryer alone, think again!

And do you know what happens when Lego people hang out on washing machines?? They fall, way back there.

No fun for you as their host, and I am sure no fun for the Lego person who has fallen. So you push and pull and struggle till you have finally rescued the fallen person.

Rescue mission in progress. Yep. That's a broom you see back there. I tried using the broom for rescuing and lost the broom instead. No worries. We did rescue the broom.

Rescued at last!

But despite being my high maintenance guests, there is a lot that the Lego people bring to the table. Have a look!

Hours of play for the boys



And some fighting of course!

And for all that, the Lego people and all their tiny little belongings are always welcome at my house.

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