Getting the kitchen ready!

25 Feb

Through a series of “Getting the kitchen ready” blog posts I will be sharing with you guys how I go about getting my kitchen ready. That will seem odd considering that I have been cooking for almost 14 years now. But I have a really sparsely equipped kitchen. The bare essentials, or what I consider as the bare essentials are all I have. I have managed just fine all these years. But recently I have really started baking and trying various types of cuisines and find myself wishing I had better gadgets to make my life easier. Even Indian cooking hasn’t exactly been easy but I have always prided myself on managing with just what I have had. Plus, it also meant not having to shop. And for someone like me who is not very fond of shopping, my false pride has worked to my advantage.
Then recently I purchased Julia Child’s book “Mastering the art of French cooking” and there she speaks of the importance of having basic kitchen gadgets and all of sudden it hit me that I should purchase the essentials. For years, my family and some close friends have been asking me to buy the basics but it took Julia Child for me to finally embark on this exciting journey. And I really hope you will all join me on this journey.

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